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Private Lessons

Voice Lessons (1Hr/$50 or 30min/$30)
During Lessons, 15 minutes are spent on warming up and vocal technique while the remainder of class applying these techniques to a song. Students will be given sheet music for this song and be expected to bring it in every class as well as their Voice Log book in which vocal warm-ups and notes will be recorded.

Group Classes/ Other Class Options

Private Classes with More Than One

In private classes it is mentioned often that the class is catered around the need of the individual student, but that doesn't always nessecarily mean the class needs to be for only one. Any of the above mentioned classes are available for more then one student. Each additional student is 10$/class.


​​Odessy of The Mind Master Classes

On In Five Studio has the ability and experience to provide assistance to Odessy of The Mind groups on theatrical based challenges. Following the rules and guide lines of the challenge, we will not provide individual advice on the project at hand, but assist in needed skills on Improvisation, Set and Desgin on a Budget, Script Writing, Story Structure, and Basic Theatrical knowledge and skills. Minimum amount of students to start a class is 4 and maximum is 7 for a 1hr class at the rate of $70 per class. Additional students can be taught at $10 per student over 7. In order to best fit the needs of each individual group it is important for the coach of the team to contact On In Five Studio at least 2 weeks in advanced to let us know what type of master class should be provided for your group.


Improvisation Troupe (For All Ages!)

Acting is all about REacting! Improvisation is the technique of acting which determines the actor to be quick on his or her feet. Not only is it a lot of fun, it is a no pressure type of activity. This is the perfect event for company ice breakers, bonding with old friends, or something new and exciting to do at a birthday party! With a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 we can have fun with some Improvisation. Event is 1.5 hrs/$100 any additional participants over 10 is $10/person.

Audition Coaching (1Hr/$50)

During this class session projects and lessons will focus around the need of the individual student or auditon. During this time pieces willl be picked for the student and worked on (whether it be singing or acting). Students are required to bring in audition notices and details about auditions. Techniques from both Vocal Lessons and Acting Lessons will be used.






Acting Lessons (1Hr/$50)

During Lessons time will be spent picking out monologues of different genres and time periods(agreed by the teacher and student) for the first 15 minutes of class. The remainder of class will be focused on techniques for memorizarion, characterization techniques, and vocal work with projection and diction. Students will be given copies of pieces and expected to bring them in every class as well as their Acting Log book, in which they will have a record of techniques discussed as well as journal their own personal discoveries.

Musical Theatre Lessons (1Hr/$50)

This class will be a combination of both fore mentioned Acting and Voice lessons. The goal of this class is to build up a repitoure of both songs and monologues for the performer to feel comfortable to use in any situation. Students will be expected to bring in all pieces worked on every single class. 

Private Lessons are decided on the idividual need of each performer. It is Important to decide which type of Private Lesson Package work best for the needs of the performer.

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